The Evolving, Engaged Learner in a Digital World

Annual Faculty Retreat | Thursday, February 29, 2024


The theme of our annual faculty retreat is “The Evolving, Engaged Learner in a Digital World.” Digital technologies are embedded to a great extent in most aspects of our lives. Some of the most rapid and impactful changes are occurring in the landscape of our teaching and learning environments. Learning in the digital world is marked by the use of ever-evolving technology and a deluge of information to navigate. On our campus, use of digital tools runs the gamut from cell phones, personal response systems, and multimedia tools to virtual reality and our own Generative AI Center of Expertise. It is an exciting time and the changes that are here are already transforming how students can learn now and will learn in the future. We should take responsibility and ensure that the opportunities provided by access to digital tools are utilized effectively and ethically in our digital world.

In this year’s retreat, we will hear from our colleagues their stories, strategies, and expertise as they navigate this digital world. Retreat attendees will have many opportunities to participate in hands-on activities, simulations, and large and small group discussions. Helpful resources from our faculty presenters will be provided

Goals of the Retreat

The goals for the Annual Faculty Retreat are to build on our collective knowledge about teaching and learning, to share innovative ideas and approaches, and to promote partnerships within and beyond the campus community.